Tough Travelling

‘Tough Travelling’ is a weekly feature: every Thursday (hopefully!) I’ll be rummaging around in my memory to come up with various examples of commonly used fantasy tropes. Full credit goes to Nathan of Fantasy Review Barn for coming up with the idea: be sure to check out his blog!

Below are links to the fellow travellers I follow, and below these are links to all my previous Tough Travelling posts.


My Lists

Tough Travels: Companions

Tough Travels: Curses

Tough Travels: Dark Ladies

Tough Travels: Desert Nomads

Tough Travels: Elves

Tough Travels: Holidays

Tough Travels: Snarky Sidekicks

Tough Travels: Messiahs

Tough Travels: Pets

Tough Travels: Law Enforcement

Tough Travels: Evil Lairs

Tough Travels: True Love

Tough Travels: Knights

Tough Travels: Chess Masters

Tough Travels: Vampires

Tough Travels: Fae

Tough Travels: Bards

Tough Travels: Beloved Mounts

Tough Travels: Enforcers

Tough Travels: Unique Flora

Tough Travels: Awesome Displays of Magic

Tough Travels: The Ace

Tough Travels: The Big City

Tough Travels: Mums

Tough Travels: The Weasel

Tough Travels: Heists/Cons

Tough Travels: Orphans


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