My name's Laura and I live in the north of England, which is sort of like Winterfell but with more graffiti and less wolves. I’m very happily married, and have three wonderful children (or ‘cats’, as most people seem to call them) named Fili, Kili and Loki.
I’ve been considered a bookworm ever since learning to read, and have been hooked on fantasy fiction since the age of twelve: I was dragged kicking and screaming by my parents to watch ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ at the cinema, and against all my expectations I sat spellbound for the entire three hours. I picked up my dad’s old copy of the Lord of the Rings trilogy that very night, fell in love, and had finished it a week later.
Tolkien’s masterpiece is pretty amazing, but I’ve been lucky enough to discover a fair few equally brilliant authors since. Some of my favourites are:
Steven Erikson: His Malazan Book of the Fallen is the best work of epic fantasy I’ve ever read.
Raymond E Feist: What I’ve read of the Riftwar Cycle is incredible, and the first instalment – Magician – was the first ‘great’ fantasy novel I read after LotR.
Terry Pratchett: I still haven’t read the entire Discworld series, and those I’ve read have been in the wrong order, but his characters never fail to amuse.
Joe Abercrombie: His novels manage the perfect blend of violence, irony, dark humour and flawed characters; Sand dan Glokta and Logen Ninefingers are two of my favourite character creations ever.
George R R Martin: Although not overly enamoured with his more recent work, I was captivated with the way his Song of Ice and Fire series focuses largely on politics and character intrigue rather than magic (although the man sure does know how to write action, too).
Others whose work I’ve enjoyed more recently include Mark Lawrence, Patrick Rothfuss, Robin Hobb, Scott Lynch, Daniel Abraham, Brent Weeks, Peter V Brett, Daniel Polansky and Janny Wurts. I could go on and on . . . which is the whole point of starting this blog. This is where I'll review those books I've enjoyed (as well as those I haven’t), discuss fantasy-related topics, share my thoughts about various aspects of the fantasy universe . . .
. . . and I’m massively looking forward to it!

- September 2013